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Voice Lessons Are Life Lessons

Youth Lessons

Young students begin to build their voice and their basic musical skills by practicing vocal health; how to use breath and not fight it, projecting versus shouting, and how much work is too much.  Learn how to read music, vocabulary terms, and sight-singing.  Young students will also develop performance skills like seeing a piece all the way through, performance expectations, and learning good performance habits!


Rachel also offers youth piano lessons.


$40/ half hour lesson

$80/full hour lesson

Adult Lessons

Get in touch with your sound and your soul!   Learn how to physically understand and master your voice.  Discover how to change your sound by "listening" to your muscles, and watch yourself start singing with confidence. Improve your skills reading music, learning vocabulary terms, sight-singing, and expanding repertoire

Rate: $80

Session length: 1 hour

Industry Lessons

Hone your skills and further your talents by creating new choices, colors, and expressions in your voice.  Practice how to approach a song as an acting performance as well as a musical one.  Prepare for multiple performances by practicing healthy vocal techniques and tricks.  Learn how to pick the best audition piece for you and the show. Discover what audition cuts show off your best abilities, create characters through vocal and physical choices, and learn what to do when something goes wrong.

Industry rates are available for those who are self employed artists.   Ask if you qualify!

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