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Music Improv 

i.O Training Center

Strengthening Your Voice In Musical Improv

Rachel is partnering with i.O Training Center to teach a brand new musical improv class. 


Musical improv is about singing, but often the technical side of singing gets lost. This is a musical improv class unlike one you’ve taken before. This class is for all levels of musical improv experience.


We will infuse vocal technique into the play and experimentation that makes improv such a blast. In these 8 weeks, we will work on specific skills like singing technique, musicality, and vocal health, which is crucial to a sustainable career onstage. We will also learn about how our voice works, how to use it properly and sustainably in our character work, and how to sing with a point of view. Each week we will then put these skills into practice by approaching musical theatre structure, storytelling, and improv scenes through singing. The class will culminate with an improvised musical performance.  

Wednesdays from 7-10

October 18-December 13

i.O Chicago

Artist in Residency

 21c Museum Hotel Chicago

Try It,
Good Luck,
I Believe In You. 

By leaning into her mantra, "voice lessons are life lessons," Rachel turns simple techniques learned from her years of taking and teaching music lessons into skills that can be transferred over to all other aspects of our lives. By infusing her sunny attitude into a blend of performance, conversation and participation, Rachel creates an encouraging atmosphere that's sure to bring you joy.  

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